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Turkish Translators Needed
Posted on 14.10.08 by Cihangir Tezcan

Turkish translators are needed to translate the unofficial Broken Sword game, Broken Sword 2.5 - Return of the Templars. If you are interested, send a pm to me (Forgottenlance) at Forgottenlance forums.

Dragonlance Movie Trailer
Posted on 26.10.07 by Cihangir Tezcan

The first trailer of the Dragonlance movie Dragons of Autumn Twilight which was shown at GenCon and DragonCon is finally available.
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2006 Product Releases for DragonLance
Posted on 27.11.05 by Cihangir Tezcan

Visit novels page for information and the release dates for the upcoming DragonLance novels Saving Solace, Amber and Iron, Empire of Blood (paperback), Trail of the Black Wyrm, Dragons of the Dwarven Depths. And also Wizard's Betrayal and The Crystal Chalice for young readers.
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Here Be Dragons
Posted on 15.10.05 by Cihangir Tezcan

In addition to the new trilogy titled The Dark Chronicles, Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman will collaborate on a DragonLance novella, which will feature several characters from this trilogy. The novella will appear in Here Be Dragons.
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23.12.07 Moonrise over Palanthas (New screenshot) (DL PC Games)
10.10.07 Wedding Song (Reprise) (Poems)
15.12.06 Moonrise over Palanthas (DL PC Games)
29.04.06 Devahammer (Fan Fiction)
04.12.05 Chant of the Clerics of Paladine (Chants)
27.11.05 2006 Product Releases for DragonLance (Novels)
13.11.05 DragonStrike (DL PC Games)
06.10.05 DragonLance Adventures (DL PC Games)
24.09.05 Saving You (Fan Fiction)
16.09.05 The Bird Song of the Wayreth Forest (Reprise) (Poems)
11.09.05 Northstone (Artifacts of Krynn)
11.09.05 Sargonnas (Gods of Krynn)
24.06.05 The Glory of Istar (DL PC Games)
17.04.05 Nuitari (9 Pages) (Gods of Krynn)
09.04.05 Solinari (9 Pages) (Gods of Krynn)
18.03.05 Lunitari (9 Pages) (Gods of Krynn)
15.03.05 The Night of the Eye (Library of Ages)
04.01.05 New Project: The Moons of Magic (Projects)
27.11.04 Staff of Mishakal (Artifacts)
29.10.04 Takhisis, the Queen of Darkness (Gods of Krynn)

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Product Releases

Pillar of Flame 01/2007
The Measure and the Truth 01/2007
The Ebony Eye 03/2007
The Great White Wyrm 03/2007
Dragons of Time 04/2007
Dragons of the Dwarven Depths (paperback) 05/2007
Warrior's Blood 05/2007
Shadow of the Flame 06/2007
Dragons of the Highlord Skies 07/2007
Queen of the Sea 07/2007
The Rebellion 08/2007
The Stolen Sun 09/2007
Destiny 09/2007
Protecting Palanthas 10/2007
Warrior's Bones 11/2007
The Secret of Pax Tharkas 11/2007
The Black Talon 11/2007
Dragons of the Hourglass Mage 07/2008