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Originally, Ergoth was the mightiest empire in the land. Founded around 2600 P.C. by Ackal Ergoth, the empire once spanned much of the continent of Ansalon. When the fiery mountain struck Krynn, the lands of Ergoth were splintered off from the rest of the continent of Ansalon, and this mass of land was broken into two pieces. Bordered on their eastern shores by the Strait of Algoni, and with the Strait of Ergoth separating them, Northern and Southern Ergoth became even less important in the history of Krynn.

Northern Ergoth

A mountain range runs the length of Northern Ergoth, splitting the forests of the east and the plains of the west. Along the southern edge of the isle is a wasteland which neither the human nor the kender claim. Emperor Mercadior rules the western plains, while the kender inhabit Hylo in the forests of the east.

Both the human and kender settlements are beset by small bands of ogres and goblins which still roam the lands freely. The southwestern corner of the isle is perhaps the most 'civilized' because of its numerous castles and towns.

Southern Ergoth

The 'C' shaped island of Southern Ergoth is much more densely populated that its northern counterpart, especially since the elves of Silvanesti and Qualinesti invaded the territory. In addition to sharing the island with the ogres who control Daltigoth, the old capital of the now diminutive Ergothian Empire, the Knights of Solamnia have an outpost on the island and the Kagonesti elves have lived here since the Cataclysm.

The northeastern part of the island is a barren wasteland, whose inhabitants are mostly goblins. Mountains split the Morgash Bay (or Bay of Darkness) from the outer shores of the island. The western shores are protected from the goblin nations by the Solamnic outpost, while the south central region is mostly forest, housing the Qualinesti, Silvanesti and Kagonesti.

Within the mountains lies the infamous and long-forgotten Foghaven Vale, location of the tomb of Huma Dragonbane, hero of the Third Dragon War.

In 12 SC, Gellidus the White captured Southern Ergoth. Elves fled to the isle of Cristyne, and the humans there fled to Sancrist. The island has since become a glacier, with the Straits of Ergoth and Algoni becoming dangerous watery graves.

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