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The city of Mereklar stood in the middle of a triangle shaped by tree huge stone walls, each towering thirty feet high. The stone was pure, unblemished, without seams, cracks, or holes.But the white stone walls that faced outwards were etched with symbols, signs, and pictures, each depicting some era of the world. Some of the legends were easily discernible- the Graystone of Gargath, the Hammer of Kharas, Huma and the Silver Dragon. Others had been lost to the memory of human, elf, or dwarf. All were depicted with a skill none now could rival or hope to attain.

When the stories came to an end, the walls were left blank, as if waiting for the original artisan to return and place another piece of history upon them. Those who lived in Mereklar believed that when the outer walls were filled with stories, the world would end and another would be reborn in its place.

Unlike the outer walls, the inner walls of the city held no symbols.The ancient stone could not be cracked by any tool or weapon known to the hands of Krynn. It was a mystery to the ciizens how anyone came to build the walls. In fact, the very origins of Mereklar was as much a mystery to the current inhabitants of the city as it was to their ancestors.

Their legends claimed that Mereklar was created by the first gods of good for purposes unknown. Following the Cataclysm, its first inhabitants had come down from the hills and mountains surrounding it, fleeing the chaos in the world to find the city already built, as if awaiting their arrival. The people moved in and had, from time until the present, been safe from any outside interference. Even the oldest of Mereklar's families, who had lived there for hundreds of years, knew nothing of the city's origins. The world changed, people changed, but Mereklar, City of the White Stone, remained the same.

There were ten noble families of Mereklar, and each lived in a large, opulent estate whose great white spires could be seen rising high above the streets. The ten great families were the first negotiators and coordinators, supervising the fields of grain, orchard of fruit, and pastures for animals, making the city grow and thrive. They maintained their positions with wisdom and foresight, intelligence and flexibility.

Each of the ten great homes had its own park, lush, green, filled with trees and flowers that remained in full bloom the year round. Small streams running through the city created ponds where members of the noble families would occasionally gather for parties or walk alone to relieve the romantic, melancholy needs of a somber heart. The houses themselves were four-storied and four-sided, as were almost all the houses in Mereklar.

The city was prosperous and self-sufficient.Everyone living in Mereklar accepted the legends and prophecies found in ancient tomes left in unused libraries and engraved on the outer protecting walls. Hundreds of cats live in Mereklar. That cats would save the world, they had no doubt. All doors were left open.Small paws made hardly a sound as they went from home to home, recieving food and warmth and comfort.The cats were always loved, always revered. They congregated in the parks, sunning themselves lazily, or wandered the streets, rubbing against the legs of a passerby.

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