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Mithas and Kothas

Also known as the Blood Sea Isles, these four islands are the home of sea barbarians and minotaur. Legend states that when the firey mountain struck Krynn, these islands survived because of their innocence of the guilt of Istar. More likely, however, is the fact that these islands were originally part of the coastal islands bordering on the Courrain Ocean, and survived due to their altitude.

This isle is the home of many sea barbarians, and not much else. The rocky highlands do not sport much in the form of anything living. The only real evidence of civilization is the capital, Sea Reach, which lies on the southwest shore of the island. Saifhum is the western most island of the four.

This largest island is also furthest north, and is shaped somewhat like a crescent moon. The dry plains in the eastern and western portions of the island are interrupted only by high peaks, known as the Worldscap Mountains. The only evidence of civilization is Winston's Tower—a ruined lighthouse.

Mithas lies directly to the south of Karthay, and is one of the minotaur isles. Along the southern shore of the island are four volcanic peaks, a sharp contrast to the rest of the island's grassy plains. The capital of Lacynos (Nethosak) lies on the western shores, and is sheltered from the ravages of the Blood Sea by the Horned Bay.

Though it does not have the volcanic problem of its northern neighbor, Kothas doesn't have the vegetation to make up for it. Minotaur rule this island, along with human pirates who live in the capital of Kalpethis. Kothas lies to the south of Mithas, and Kalpethis lies on the southwestern shores of the island.

Last Modified: Sunday May 31, 2020

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