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Home of the refugees of Silvanesti following the Kinslayer War, this nation of elves was founded by Kith-Kanan. The capital of Qualinesti is Qualinost, where the Tower of the Sun is built. This is where the Speaker of the Suns resides.

The woodland surrounding the elven nation is known as the forest of Wayreth, where the Tower of High Sorcery is located. This tower has the ability to reappear within a wide area, and sometimes appears inside the borders of Qualinesti.

The city of Qualinost is surrounded by four watch-towers, connected by four golden arches, which define the city's limits. In the center of the city is the Hall of the Sky, the center of the city. Qualinesti is located just to the east of the Kharolis mountains and to the southwest of the lands of Abanasinia.

The Straits of Algoni border on the elven forest's western shore, which lies just southeast of Southern Ergoth.

Unfortunately, despite all of Qualinesti's defenses, the great green dragon Beryllinthranox was able to capture the forest when she demonstrated her ability to drain the elves' life force. She forces the elves to search for the Tower of Wayreth, in an attempt to increase her power.

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