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The isle of Sancrist is distinctly divided in two halves: the mountainous northeastern part of the island, which houses Mount Nevermind, home of the gnomes, and the southwestern part of the island: plains and forests where the humans live. Castle Uth Wistan, home of Knight of the Rose (and Grand Master), Lord Gunthar, is the central human base, as well as a Solamnic Outpost.

Another feature of the land of Sancrist is that within the Solamnic territory resides the Whitestone Glade. The location of Vinas Solamnus's epiphany which inspired him to create the Knighthood almost two millennia before the Cataclysm, the Whitestone was said to have been blessed by the Kingpriest. This was the location where the many nations of good met during the War of the Lance to discuss the fate of the dragon orb, and the place where the legendary Dragonlance was returned to Krynn.

Bordered on its western shores by the Sirrion Sea, all trade flows eastward from the island to the mainland. To Sancrist's south is the smaller isle of Cristyne, now home to many refugees of Southern Ergoth who fled following its capture by Gellidus the White in 12 SC. Closer to home perhaps, is the capture of Mount Nevermind by the red dragon, Pyrothraxus, eight years after the second Cataclysm.

It is said that many years ago, when the Knights first arrived on Sancrist, the gnomes were afraid that they were going to conquered by the new inhabitants. So they devised a foolproof scheme to make what is now known as Mount Nevermind disappear. One morning, every Solamnic on the island awoke to the smell of rotten eggs and thousands of gnomes running out of the mountain, coughing.

When one of the elder Knights asked what the name of the mountain was, he received a traditional gnome answer: "webelievethatthismountainisformedfrommagmaandlava..." The Knight's response was "nevermind." Impressed with this remarkably brilliant and short name for their home, it was immediately adopted.

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