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Silvanesti is the original elvenhome, the forest where the great elflord, Silvanos, founded a dynasty of kings and a powerful nation of elves. After driving out the dragons in the First Dragon War, the Silvanesti settled down in and around the great capital city of Silvanost.

Silvanost is situated in the center of the forest, on an island. The Than-Thalas River (the Lord's River) runs through the land, splitting just north of the city and converging just south of it to form an island. Passengers are ferried from the mainland to the island by giant turtles, which pull large barges.

During the War of the Lance, the Speaker of the Stars, Lorac Caladon, attempted to use a Dragon Orb to protect his land from an invasion by the Dragonarmies. The orb was too powerful for Lorac, and captured his soul within it. So strong was Lorac's connection with the land that his nightmare - trees weeping blood -- became reality, perverting the tall aspens of Silvanesti. Until the spell was dispelled by Porthios Kanan, descendant of the royal line of Qualinesti, dispelled the curse, the forest was known as the Bleeding Wood.

Silvanesti is located to the east of the Plains of Dust, and to the southwest of Goodlund & Balifor (Kendermore). In the fifth age, Silvanesti has been mysteriously surrounded by a magical field, which keeps the Great Dragons from attempting to claim the land.

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