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Race : Human
Gender : Female
Class :
Cleric of Mishakal 8th Level
Alignment : Lawful Good
AD&D Stats: Str 12; Dex 14; Con 18; Int 12; Wis 16; Cha 17; Ac ; THAC0 ; hp
Residence: Que-Shu
Ht ; Wt  lb; Mv 12"
Preferred Weapon: Staff of Mishakal

Goldmoon was born in AC 331 in Que-Shu. She is the daughter of Arrowthorn, Chieftain of the Que-Shu tribe of plainsmen. The Que-Shu believe that their leaders become gods when they die, so Goldmoon was not only treated as royalty, but as a godess-to-be. Her mother, Tearsong, died when she was a child. Tearsong was the village priestess, which was passed to Goldmoon after her death.

Every 10 years, the village priestess journeys north to "The Hall of the Sleeping Spirits" where the remains of the village's previous leaders are kept. The door to this sacred area is opened by the light of Lunitari, the red moon, on this night. Here, the priestess speaks with her ancestors, now gods. When it was Goldmoon's turn to do this, a contest was held to decide who would be her escorts to the mountain hall the following day. The two winners were Hollow-sky, the pompous son of a village elder, and Riverwind, a poor shephard and grandson to a village heretic. Goldmoon and Hollow-sky were friends when they were young, but grew apart when he got older and arrogant. Goldmoon, at first, was repulsed by Riverwind's status and self-assurance, but grew closer to him the night of the contest, and fell in love with him the next day.

Hollow-sky planned on winning Goldmoon as his bride in order to gain control of the tribe, but Goldmoon did everything she could to put him off. Hollow-sky even tried to sabotage the contest by flawing Riverwind's fighting staff. When the three reached the door of the hall, Hollow-sky attempted to kill Riverwind (and planned later to kill Goldmoon), part of a plot to usurp control of the tribe. When Hollow-sky went to kill Riverwind, Goldmoon blocked his attempt with her crystal dagger. Hollow-sky lost his footing and fell off the cliff to his death.

Once the light of Lunitari opened the door, they entered. Goldmoon went to her mothers tomb and fell into a trance and spoke to her mother. Her mother told her of the true gods, and that her tribes belief that their leaders became gods wasn't true. This was shocking at first to her, but a relief at the same time. Riverwind, his family devout believers in the ancient (and true) gods, was right all along.

She and Riverwind planned to marry upon their return; however, they knew that her father would protest. Riverwind would have to undergo a "courting quest" in which he would have to prove himself worthy of her. As expected, Arrowthorn did just this. After hearing of the conversation between Goldmoon and her mother, he ordered Riverwind to bring back proof of these gods' existance. The quest was undoubtly meant to be impossible, and the villagers thought Riverwind would most likely die.

Goldmoon waited over 2 years for her beloved Riverwind to return. When he finally did, he was pale and in a state of shock. He carried with him plain looking staff and claimed it was given to him by the gods. Arrowthorn, outraged that Riverwind was successful, called him a blasphemer and sentenced him to death by stoning. He was tied up and stoned by the villagers. After the first stones were cast, Goldmoon ran to him. When she reached him, she was hit with a stone and the staff flashed bright blue and transported them to a road just north of Solace.

They met Sturm Brightblade on the road. He was heading to Solace to reunite with his friends and escorted them to town. This was the beginning of the great adventure she would have with The Companions.

Goldmoon became the first true cleric of Krynn since the Cataclysm upon finding the Disks of Mishakal at Xak Tsaroth and returning them to Mishakal's altar. She played a valuable role during the War of the Lance in bringing the true gods back to Krynn and with them, clerics. After the War of the Lance, she and Riverwind married and went back to Que-Shu to rebuild their tribe (which was destroyed by Verminaard at the start of the war).

Artwork created by EJWentz Studio, and is copyright protected by international law 2004.

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