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Race : Human
Gender : Male
Class :
Ranger 12th Level
Alignment :  Lawful Good
AD&D Stats: Str 18(35); Dex 16; Con 15; Int 13; Wis 14; Cha 13; Ac ; THAC0 ; hp
Residence: Que-Shue
Ht "; Wt  lb; Mv 12"
Preferred Weapon: Scimitar, Long Bow
Special Abilities:

Riverwind was born in AC 329-331. His past is very sketchy, but it is rumored that he was raised by a pack of leopards as a young child. He was found by Wanderer, a plainsman of the Que-Shu tribe, and raised as a Que-Shu farmer. Wanderer was considered a heretic in Que-Shu for denouncing their gods (the dead leaders of the tribe) and worshipping the ancient, true gods. Riverwind was raised with these beliefs as well. Wanderer gave him a necklace with a pendant symbol of Mishakal on it which saved Riverwind's life a few times. Being heretics, they were forced to live on the outskirts of Que-Shu, making their life and work difficult.

Riverwind was trained in the arts of battle, woodlore, hunting, and navigation. He grew up to be a massive man, a capable fighter. He was quick, with cat-like agility and the ferocity of a leopard. Still, he was no more than the son of a poor farmer in the eyes of his people.

Since he was a young man, he secretly admired Goldmoon, princess and priestess of the Que-Shu. When the contest to find escorts for Goldmoon to the Hall of the Sleeping Spirits was held, Riverwind didn't hesitate to attend. He was determined to prove his family wasn't as crude and common as they were thought to be. He wanted to prove his loyalty and skill to the tribe, although he didn't worship as they did.

Riverwind refused to bow to Goldmoon during the blessing ceremony before the contest, however. This infuriated Goldmoon, a strict follower of protocol. His self-assurance and adamant beliefs intrigued Goldmoon, however. Riverwind easily outdid the other combatants and he, along with Hollow-sky, son of Loreman (the village historian and a nobleman), were chosen to escort Goldmoon to the mountain hall.

That night, after a great village banquet, he got the chance to dance with Goldmoon. Goldmoon never danced in front of her people before (being a princess and godess-to be, it wasn't proper to sweat in front of her people). Her father was absent, so she took the opportunity. She was caught up in the dance and awed by Riverwind's grace and passion. She first kissed him at the end of the dance.

Riverwind was not shy about speaking his mind. He did so during the trip to the hall, though only responding to questions asked. Hollow-sky, however, saw how Goldmoon reacted to Riverwind and tried to separate them when he got the chance. Upon reaching the hall, Hollow-sky tried to kill Riverwind. During the fight, Hollow-sky revealed that he planned to kill Goldmoon as well and overthrow Goldmoon's father, Chieftain Arrowthorn. Goldmoon blocked a shot aimed at Riverwind by Hollow-sky with her crystal dagger. Hollow-sky, shocked at being caught off guard, slipped and fell to his death off the cliff.

Riverwind and Goldmoon fell in love that day, but they knew they couldn't marry unless he performed a traditional courting quest to prove himself worthy. Arrowthorn didn't approve of him as a suitor and sent him on an impossible quest to bring proof of the ancient gods back.

Riverwind wandered for long years in search of proof. He came upon the ruined city of Xak Tsaroth in his travels and found a temple of ancient gods. Mishakal appeared to him and gave him the blue crystal staff, an artifact of great power. Riverwind also encountered Khisanth, the black dragon who guarded the ruins. He saw draconians worshipping it. He escaped, terrified and delirious.

When Riverwind returned to Que-Shu, he was pale and panicky. He presented Arrowthorn with the staff, which enraged Arrowthorn. He wasn't supposed to find proof, or even survive the quest at all. Arrowthorn ordered Riverwind to be stoned to death. Goldmoon ran to Riverwind before many stones were cast, however, and the staff transported the two to safety. a road just north of Solace. They met Sturm on the road, and the rest of the companions soon after.

Riverwind was quiet and impassive, rarely showing emotion except with Goldmoon. Riverwind's fighting abilities and his dedication to Goldmoon made him a valuable asset during the War of the Lance. After the defeat of Verminaard and the liberation of Pax Tharkas, he and Goldmoon returned to Que-Shu and were married.

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