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Devahammer by Allen Stover

For Roxanne, Kacie, Jeff

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Chapter 4

Unther looked over at Borowin, then looked back at the dwarf's map he held in his hands. For the last hour, Unther had interrogated the dwarven mystic, asking why he was so intent on traveling to the Plains of Dust, and if he knew anything about the Tablet of Time. The mystic had kept quiet, not answering Unther's questions. "No matter," Unther Swordbreaker had told him," I'll travel to the Hall of Angels and get the tablet myself." He looked at the red haired dark knight Lacey who was standing at the door. "Lacey, get some my dragon ready. You, Samuel, and I are going to the Plains of Dust."

As if hearing the call of his superior officer, Samuel walked into Unther's tent. "Sir, our scouts have spotted a small force coming this way. We believe it to be that bothersome band of adventurers we've heard about. The Jade Brigade I believe they call themselves."

Unther folded the map and placed it into his pocket. "Coming to rescue the dwarf no doubt. They're no threat to us." He looked away from Samuel. "We need the dwarf no longer, we have more pressing business to attend to."

"The Tablet of Time?" asked Samuel.

Unther Swordbreaker nodded. "As I told Lacey, the three of us will be going to the Hall of Angels. I doubt our forces will need our help defending the camp against the Jade Brigade."

As the three dark knights walked out of the tent, Borowin smiled. For the third time today, Dorm Silverfalcon was coming to his rescue. The mystic looked up at the ceiling and shook his head. "I don't suppose you had anything to do with this." After a brief silence, Borowin shook his head again. "Nope, I didn't think so."

)( )( )( )( )( )(

It was late in the afternoon when Lynsey's Jade Brigade entered into Unther Swordbreaker's camp. Lady Greensteel cursed for not arriving in time to catch Unther, but that didn't stop her from charging into camp and shouting a fierce battle cry.

Timber darted left, sneaking behind one of the knights and backstabbing him with his sharp rapier. He then snapped his hand upward, his blade cutting through the back of the dark knight's neck.

Roxi stood in back, channeling the energy of her goddess to cast a bless spell to aid her companions. The dwarves Vash and Brunhilda moved into the battle swinging their axes at the nearest Knight of Nereka.

Lynsey and Dorm fought side by side. The leader of the Jade Brigade sliced her bastard sword through the body of one of the dark knights, then slashed a deep cut across another dark knight's chest.

Dorm finished the dark knight Lynsey was attacking by plunging Silverwind deep in the knight's stomach. The ranger moved to the dark knight on his left, swiping the tip of his sword across the knight's throat.

The ranger broke away from the battle, running towards one of the bigger tents at the end of the camp. He walked inside, seeing Borowin tied up.

"It's about time you showed up," the dwarf remarked.

Dorm Silverfalcon ran over to the mystic, quickly cutting his ropes. "Are you all right?"

Borowin shook his hands once they were free of the ropes. "It seemed that the dark knights treating their prisoners well were true for the most part. They took the map though," he answered," How's the family?"

"Um...fine I guess," Dorm replied," They took the map?"

Borowin nodded. "They did, but that's fine. I've got that map memorized in my head," he remarked, tapping his forehead with his index finger.

)( )( )( )( )( )(

The dark knights who survived the battle surrendered their arms to Lynsey Greensteel. The leader of the Jade Brigade made sure that the knights were tied up and treated fairly.

Dorm turned to Lynsey. "I can't thank you enough for helping us."

"I'm sure I can think of a couple of things," Lynsey responded in a soft voice," but first you need to help Borowin retrieve that hammer."

The ranger nodded. "We're going to head for Storm Rose for the evening. We should reach it in about a few hours."

Lynsey sheathed her bastard sword. "Best of luck to you then, and make sure you keep that elf out of trouble." The sound of Timberís laughter came from a few feet away.

Dorm looked at Borowin, who was arguing with Brunhilda and Vash. He couldn't pick up the entire conversation, but it sounded like Borowin was yelling at his bodyguards, saying that they were being foolish.

The ranger sighed. He hoped that they would reach the Hall of Angels before the Unther Swordbreaker did.

)( )( )( )( )( )(

It had been a good nights rest for Unther and his fellow dark knights. Unther and his comrades had left camp just as the Jade Brigade were arriving. The dark knight hated to leave his men behind, but with the Tablet of Time, Unther would be untouchable by any member of the Jade Brigade, or for that matter, any warrior on Krynn foolish to challenge him. Whatever damage the meddlesome band of fools had inflicted on his camp, he would make them pay tenfold.

Unther's blue dragon Highwind had brought Unther, Samuel, and Lacey to the entrance to the Hall of Angels. They had made camp just outside the open doorway. Unther Swordbreaker wondered what sort of traps or monsters lay inside the temple.

After breakfast, Samuel walked over to his commanding officer and held the map out, pointing to a faintly blue line on the map. "This appears to be a short cut sir," he said softly. "They make no mention of traps or anything dangerous.
"Assuming we don't run into any monster ourselves," interjected Lacey, buckling her blue-plate armor.

"It is wise to be cautious Lacey," Unther said softly," but it may be interesting to find out what lurks in the tunnel."

)( )( )( )( )( )(

Dorm was the last to rise out of bed in the morning.

Shortly after the skirmish between the Jade Brigade and the dark knights, Dorm, Borowin, and their companions used the rest of the day to travel to the village of Stone Rose, a small village in the Plans of Dust. Remembering the writing on the map, Borowin noted that the village was only a few miles from the temple.

After putting on his clothes and chain shirt, Dorm headed down the stairs. The group had purchased rooms at the Silver Stag, a quaint little inn that had white painted walls. When he entered the lobby, Dorm didn't see Roxi or Timber, but he found the dwarves sitting at a table, playing a game of Khas. He quietly walked over to their table, observing the game.

Brunhilda had just finished off one of Vash's pieces when Borowin tapped the ranger on the shoulder. "You'll have to wait your turn, I'm playing the winner."

"That's fine," Dorm added. He began looking around the lobby, trying to find any sign of Roxilandra or Timber. "Has any of you seen Roxi or Timber?" he asked, scratching his head.

Borowin looked at the door. "The cleric went to pray at the local temple, and the elf said something about getting supplies." A worried look crossed Dorm's face. "Is everything all right?" the mystic asked.

Dorm unsheathed his sword and looked at the dwarf. "Well, when Timber says heís going to get supplies, it means he is going to try and pick pocket some people. I better go and stop him,Ē The ranger added as he walked towards the door.

Before Dorm's hand could grasp the door handle, the door threw itself open, slamming right into his face.

Timber entered through the doorway, holding a large blue sack. Roxi stood behind him and shouted," You're going to get in trouble once they've found that their money missing."

The elf turned to the cleric of Mishakal. "The last thing I need right now, is a lecture from the daughter of a light fingered kender!" he snapped. "Besides, everyone will probably think you were the one who made off with that merchant's steel pieces."

Roxi's face flared with anger, tears falling from her eyes.

Feeling guilty, Timber looked at her and held out her arms. "Look Roxi, I'm sorry." The cleric grabbed her staff and slammed the round end of it hard into the elf's stomach. Timber turned around, holding his stomach and said wearily," I suppose I deserved that."

The cleric smiled and walked over to the table the dwarves were sitting at. Timber watched Roxi for a second, then saw the ranger emerge from behind the door. "When do you think we should leave for the temple?"

"We'll leave in an hour," Dorm responded," Borowin says he's got the map memorized, so we shouldn't have any trouble finding the Hall of Angels. Unther should be there soon. I did some thinking last night, and I don't think he's after the Devahammer he's after. Why would a Knight of Nereka want a dwarven artifact?"

"I don't know, sell it for money," was Timber's response.

Dorm looked at the elf. "I asked why a Knight of Nereka would want a dwarven artifact, not why an elven thief would want it."

"What do you think he's after then?" asked the thief.

The ranger shook his head. "I donít know, but what ever it is, it must be pretty important."

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