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Devahammer by Allen Stover

For Roxanne, Kacie, Jeff

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Chapter 5

The walls inside the tunnel were made from the earth. Runes and grooves were carved all over the inner tunnel walls. Lacey held a torch while Unther and Samuel stood in front of her, hands on their swords. Unther stopped, and looked ahead, hearing the faint sound of feet shuffling on the tunnel floor. "Someone is coming."

Taking a couple steps forward, Samuel and Lacey looked down the tunnel, seeing three goblins armed with spears.

"We could easily take them," Samuel whispered, slowly drawing his long sword.

Unther Swordbreaker shook his head. "Not now, let's see if we can settle this diplomatically."

The three goblins quickly approached the humans. One of them, a stout little fellow named Gazit extending his spear point towards Unther.

So much for the diplomatic approach, Samuel said in his mind as he stepped forward, stabbing Gazit in the midsection. The goblin drew back thrusting his spear at Samuel, but Unther drew his sword and finished the Gazit with one clean stroke to his throat.

The other two goblins charged at the dark knight commander. Unther moved with speed, dodging both of the goblins' attacks.

It was Lacey's turn to step forward. She drew two short swords and slashed both of her blades down across one of the goblin's chest.

Unther turned in a half circle, driving his sword deep into the goblin's bleeding chest. After his first foe dropped dead, Unther Swordbreaker jumped at the last goblin, slashing his blade across the goblin's throat.

After cleaning his weapon of the goblin blood, Unther sat on the ground, breathing hard.

"It seems Commander Unther still has some moves," Lacey commented with a smirk.

Unther smiled at Lacey, but his expression changed when he saw a large minotaur at the end of the tunnel. "It doesn't look like the battle is over yet," the dark knight said as he rose to his feet.

Samuel and Lacey spotted the minotaur. The minotaur had brown hair and long horns that curved into a half circle. "My name is Torn," the minotaur bellowed from the end of the temple. "My master Fangor wishes to speak to you in his lair."

"Aren't you going to kill us for slaying your goblin friends?" asked Lacey.

Torn shook his large bullhead and chuckled. "I have no love for goblins. Now come, my master waits."

)( )( )( )( )( )(

"So this is the Hall of Angels," Timber remarked, unimpressed.

The entrance to the temple was a large open doorway with images of angels and hammers carved along the edges of the entrance.

"Are you going to search for traps?" Dorm asked the rogue. Timber sighed, walking up to the door. The elf ran his fingers over the edges and the corners of the doorway. Finding no traps, he walked inside.

Borowin, Vash, and Brunhilda entered the temple, followed by Roxi and Dorm.

In the hallway, the walls of the temple were carved of white stone. Images of angels and the goddess Mishakal were painted all over the walls. Roxi marveled at the paintings, wondering who could have done such incredible artwork.

Timber was the first to exit the hallway and enter into the next room. Two metal doors were at the left and right ends of the room. In the middle of the floor there was a large blue infinity symbol painted on the floor.

"That's the symbol of Mishakal!" the priestess Roxilandra cried in excitement once she saw the painting on the floor.

The dwarfs exchanged confused looks. "Why would an artifact of Reorx be kept inside a temple dedicated to the goddess of healing?" Vash asked aloud. Brunhilda shrugged her shoulders, but Borowin figured that this is where the Devahammer must have ended up at after being carried off by a dragon or something.

At that moment, the metal doors opened. From the two doors on the left and right sides, three large skeletons emerged. At the doorway ay the end of the room there were three goblins armed with swords and spears. "Prepare to make this your final resting place," one of the goblins spat.

Timber laughed at the goblin's threat while Dorm drew Silverwind from its sheath. Roxi grabbed Brunhilda's hand and said," We'll take the skeletons on the left."

Borowin looked at Vash. "We'll take the skeletons on the right."

Timber shrugged," Well Dorm, I guess we get the easy work then."

Dorm smirked and looked at his friend. "Good, let's make this quick then," he replied with a laugh.

Roxi reached into her robe, drawing her medallion of faith that bore the blue infinity symbol of Mishakal. She channeled the energy of her goddess and a bright light flashed from her symbol.

Two of the skeletons on the left side were destroyed, but one remained, trying to flee from the cleric. Brunhilda drew a mace from her belt. Training in the temple with the dwarven clerics, Brunhilda knew that skeletons were strong against piercing and slashing weapons.

Charging forward, Brunhilda took one swipe with her mace and shattered the skeleton's bones on impact.

Across the room, Borowin and Vash easily dispatched the remaining skeletons. Like Brunhilda, both of the male dwarves used blunt weapons, Borowin with his morningstar and Vash with his great club. They swung hard, crunching the brittle bones of the walking skeletons.

Timber and Dorm weaved around each of the goblin's spear attacks, The ranger swiped Silverwind across one of the goblin's eyes, blood quickly spilling from the wound.

The rogue quickly moved behind the goblin Dorm just attacked, piercing his rapier deeply through the injured goblin's back. The goblin gave a blood-chilling scream just before he fell dead to the floor.

Dorm slashed his long sword across one of the goblin's throats, then moved left of the one remaining goblin, stabbing Silverwind's sharp end into the base of the goblin's neck.

The goblin the ranger had just struck in the neck swung his spear at the human, barely missing him. He tried to go for the attack again, but a crushing blow to his head interrupted his movement. The goblin looked to his left, seeing the cleric standing there, holding a blue staff.

Standing to the left of the goblin, Roxi once again sent the round end of her quarterstaff at the goblin's hand, knocking the spear from his hand. She then spun around in a circle, swinging her staff hard, bashing her weapon against the goblin's skull.

The goblin groaned in pain, but he ceased his groaning once he felt the ranger's blade once again penetrate through his neck.

)( )( )( )( )( )(

The black dragon Fangor watched as Torn entered through the secret entrance with the three dark knights.

Normally, Fangor would appear as a huge black colored dragon of adult age, with his powerful claws and very sharp teeth, yet at the moment he wore his human guise.

He appeared tall and handsome, with raven black hair and wore black robes. He thought himself very comely by human standards, but he missed his dragon body.

"Master I found the dark knights who were traveling in the tunnel," Torn said in his deep voice.

Fangor nodded. "It has been some time since I've seen some Knights of Takhisis."

Unther nodded. "Yes, well since the end of the war, we are generally known as the Knights of Nereka. However, I must say that I'm somewhat confused. When Torn said he was taking us to his master Fangor's lair, I expected..."

"A dragon," Fangor finished for the dark knight," Yes I assure you that my human guise is not by choice. I fell under a curse many years ago. This is what happens when a dragon tries to read from the Tablet of Time."

Unther's eyes widened in amazement. "You've read from the Tablet of Time?"

Fangor hissed. "Read from it? I now have to spend my days bound in this cursed temple, watching over it, unable to use any magic or change back into my dragon form. Only when someone...a Knight of Takhisis, reads from it, will I be free from its curse.

Samuel walked over to Fangor. "But why can only a Knight of Takhisis read it?"

"Takhisis created the Tablet of Time strictly for those who were utterly devoted to her. Lord Unther has been a dark knight for many years, since before the Chaos War if I'm not mistaken. The Queen of Darkness saw much potent ional in you."

Unther nodded and said," She showed me a vision of conquering Ansalon when I was younger.Ē

"Yes, but there is more than you're telling us," added Fangor. "You had a child with one of her dragon, when she was in the form of an elf that is."

Lacey and Samuel turned to their leader. "Is this true?" asked Samuel Helmfire.

"Yes it's true, but how do you know this?" Unther asked Fangor.

"I will tell you in due time," responded the cursed dragon," but first you must read the Tablet of Time. I will guide you to the room."

Lacey looked at Fangor and asked," Aren't you going to stop us?"

"My dear haven't you been listening to anything I've been saying?" he answered with laugh," Seriously, if I had wanted to stop you, I would have ordered Torn to rip you apart rather than lead you to me."

Sounds of swords clanging and goblins screeching echoed around the room. Fangor chanted a word, opening a stone door behind him. "Now if you'll just enter, I'll be there in a moment." Just as Unther, Samuel, and Lacey quickly walked into the next room, the swords and screeching stopped.

"Looks like we have more visitors," Fangor said quietly, turning to the minotaur. "Don't have too much fun."

)( )( )( )( )( )(

Roxi was praying quietly to Mishakal when the door where the goblins came from, opened once again.

Vash, Borowin, Timber and Dorm ran through the door into a narrow hallway. Brunhilda grabbed Roxi's hand and pulled the cleric up. Together they went into the hallway, catching up with the men.

At the end of the hallway was a large open doorway. They all entered the room, seeing piles of bones and scraped of clothing scattered all over the floor. "Whoever lives here must take care to clean the place," the elf commented sarcastically.

"Thanks for the compliment," shouted a minotaur as he charged the elf.

"Who in the nine hells are you?" Timber asked, sidestepping the minotaur's attack.

"My name is Torn, and I am here to welcome you to my masterís domain," Torn the minotaur growled, swinging his massive fist at the elf, connected hard with Timber's jaw.

Dorm watched as Timber fell to the ground. He swung Silverwind at the minotaur's side, cutting a small wound though the beast's skin. Torn grabbed the ranger by the shirt and threw him hard against the stonewall.

Vash and Brunhilda charged at the minotaur, swinging their axes high. Torn grabbed a dwarf with each hand and grinned, but Brunhilda managed to wiggle her way free from the minotaur's grasp.

Torn tossed Vash to the ground, then unsheathed his two-handed sword. Brunhilda swung her axe at the minotaur, but Torn quickly deflected the female dwarf's attack.

Shouting a battle cry, Torn stabbed his blade through Brunhilda's body. Vash cried in anger, then stood up as he saw the tip of the minotaur's weapon cut through the other side of Brunhilda's body.

Torn quickly pulled his sword free from the female bodyguard's body and turned in a semi-circle, slashing a deep vertical cut across Vash's neck and face . Roxi ran to Brunhilda's side, trying to help her. The cleric screeched as she watched Vash's now lifeless body fall to the ground.

Torn grinned, stepping close to the cleric. He was ready to add another kill , but Dorm leaped into the air, slashing his sword fiercely across the minotaur's shoulder.

The minotaur turned to face the ranger, driving his two-handed sword down towards the ranger's head. Dorm quickly darted left, then made a powerful swipe across the bottom of the Torn's neck.

For a moment, the minotaur couldn't breathe. He would make this human pay. He would...his thinking was disrupted by a sudden sharp pain he felt in his spine.

Timber stood behind the minotaur, driving his rapier harder into the minotaur's back.

Torn's eyes turned red. He gave one last growl, then fell to the floor. The elven thief stood over the minotaurís body and drove his rapier through the beastís throat.

Dorm looked around, seeing the sadness in Roxi's eyes. The dwarven bodyguards, Vash and Brunhilda were now dead.

After stepping off of Tornís carcass, Timber grabbed a large piece of cloth he found on the floor and covered Vashís scared face. Roxi prayed to Mishakal to guide their spirits safely to Reorx's Forge.

Dorm looked ahead at on open doorway, watching as Borowin entered the room.

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