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Devahammer by Allen Stover

For Roxanne, Kacie, Jeff

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Chapter 6

Chapter 6

From the doorway, Borowin watched as Unther Swordbreaker stood inside of a red and black circle that was painted on the floor. The walls of this room were painted white like the other rooms, but there no images of angels drawn across the walls.

Unther held the large stone tablet above his head. The writing on the tablet was writing in black letters that Borowin couldn't understand. The dwarf saw Samuel, Lacey, and a man in black robes standing with their backs to the doorway. The man in black robes appeared to be staring at Unther with an anxious look on his face.

Borowin looked at one of the corners, seeing a large silver war hammer with a blue handle. Runes were carved all over it, and every other second, the weapon radiated a faint blue glow.

The mystic's heart skipped a beat, knowing that this was the hammer he had journeyed all this way for. The Devahammer.

A few tears fell from his face. He knew that Brunhilda and Vash, his bodyguards and friends, were dead in the other room. Back at the dark knight camp, he had told them it would be foolish for them to sacrifice themselves so that he could finish his quest. Now, they had given their lives so that he could get past the minotaur and get to the Devahammer.

The man in black robes urged Unther to begin reading from the tablet. Unther hesitated for a moment, but then he began reading the written words. Borowin watched as Unther's body began to glow in a bright red color. The mystic used this opportunity to sneak past the dark knights and the black robed gentleman. He was only inches away from the hammer when he accidentally stepped on a bone, breaking it in half with a loud snap.

Fangor, Samuel, and Lacey whirled around, spotting the dwarf as he grabbed the hammer. Unther stopped reading for a moment, but Fangor yelled at the dark knight to keep reading.

As he continued to read, Unther could feel his muscles tighten. His hair was turning from thick and grey, back to the chestnut color it once was. The wrinkles on his face slowly smoothing out, the crow's feet on his eyes disappearing. He could feel energy returning to his body. By the gods, he was regaining his youth.

Due to the curse of the tablet, Fangor couldn't make any attack against the dwarf. Samuel and Lacey drew their weapons, moving towards Borowin, who snatched the war hammer from the ground.

Borowin held the Devahammer in the air, then snapped it forward, releasing it from his hand. The war hammer flew through the air until it smashed itself hard across Lacey's face.

Lacey could feet the divine energy of the war hammer surging through her body, sending pain through her muscles.

The Devahammer flew back into Borowin's hand just as Samuel stepped in and slashed his sword at the dwarf. The mystic easily deflected the dark knight's attack with the war hammer.

Borowin looked at the doorway, seeing Timber and Dorm running into the room. The elf and the ranger charged at Unther, but Fangor blocked their path. "I, Fangor may not be able to attack you, but I can keep you from harming my father!"

Samuel, Lacey, and Borowin stared at Fangor, confused by what the dragon had just said. Unther paid no attention. He had just finished reading the Tablet of Time.

A moment after he finished, a bright light engulfed the room. "I'm finished," Unther cried in triumph," I've regained my youth, and eternal life."

Fangor cheered as he felt the curse being lifted off of him like a two thousand pound stone slab being lifted off of his chest. His body began to change shape. In seconds, he changed from looking like a handsome man wearing black robes, to an adult sized black dragon.

“Still want to attack my father?" the dragon roared, smacking Timber and Dorm hard with his huge claws, sending them to the floor.

Samuel turned his attention to the dwarf, ready to slice him in half, but Borowin was too quick. The mystic struck his enchanted hammer hard across the dark knight's jaw.

"No, something is wrong!" yelled Unther.

Once more, everyone looked over at the dark knight holding the stone tablet. The glow around his body had faded, and he appeared in his late teens, but then Unther's body started to get smaller and younger. In a matter of seconds, Unther's age had changed from a young man's to that of a crying infant.

Fangor turned his black-scaled head to Lacey and Samuel. "We have to get my father out of this temple." The black dragon used his large tail to scoop up the wailing infant. Samuel ran over to Lacey and helped her up. Together, they ran to the dragon.

"Now that's I'm free from the curse," the dragon roared," I can teleport us out of here."

Dorm and Timber stood up, still feeling the force of the dragon's claw attack. Before they could charge at the dragon, Fangor chanted some words in his draconic language.

Borowin hurled the Devahammer at the dragon, but Fangor had teleported away a split-second before the hammer could reach him

The Devahammer flew back into Borowin's hands. He closed his eyes for a moment, seeing an image of his brother, his father, Brunhilda, Vash, and the members of Strakkengard clan who had went in search for the Devahammer and perished, entering the Forge of Reorx. "It's over," the mystic said softly, walking out of the room.

Dorm watched Borowin walk out of the room. Timber began looking around the room, searching around for any other artifacts someone might have overlooked. "If a powerful tablet, and an ancient war hammer could be found in this room, then who's to say that there isn't something else in this room," the elf stared with a merry grin.

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