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Home Page: www.dladventures.com
Requires: Neverwinter Nights
Release Date: Abandoned

Description: The DragonLance Adventures Team's aim is to recreate the original DL 1-14 classic series of PnP modules, published by TSR (and now out of print) as no compromise, faithful conversions to the Neverwinter Nights game format.

The largest of the projects is the first module, DL1: Dragons of Despair. DLA began design and construction of DL1 in June of 2002 and release is now planned for 2004.

DL1 will feature the complete adventure for Neverwinter Nights as first portrayed in the classic module, together with extensive detailing of areas not depicted (or not well detailed) in the original work. Their designs are consistent with the scope of the DL epic and the flavor of Krynn. While those who have read the novel "Dragons of Autumn Twilight" or played "Dragons of Despair" before will find all of the original content present, there will be much that is new to surprise, confuse and - hopefully - entertain you.

A reminder that they are converting the modules, not the novels. While the two are often similar (especially DL1 and DL2 to their novelized counterpart, "Dragons of Autumn Twilight"), the similarity ends there rather abruptly. Raistlin is not evil in the module series and does not become so. Your DL epic is a different tale and one in which you - the player - decide the outcome of the War of the Lance. Most of the modules are not covered in the novels at all - DL3 and DL4 for example are completely missing from "Dragons of Autumn Twilight".

They will be working with NWVault and NWConnections to provide players (and DMs) with a matching service to play the modules. Total Expected play time is still not set in stone, but they anticipate 12-16 hours for DL1, depending on the time a party devotes to completing sub-quests.

The DLA Team recruited a lot of artists during the last three years. Many of them continue at DLA and many others hired by various game development studios, including Electronic Arts, Blizzard Entertainment, Codemasters, DragonLight Productions, nVidia, ubi-Soft, Alpine Studios and High Voltage Games. Yet, they believe it is necessary to expand their team and they continue to recruit talented staff.

December 2006
Unfortunately, DLA team abandoned Dragonlance. DLA lead designer and writer BenWH said "There are no plans to support DragonLance at this time. Never say never, but it is highly unlikely. We do however plan to provide great quality work of some form - stay tuned."

By the way, the team has totally moved on from Neverwinter Nights 1 and I don't think that they will decide to return to it. 

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Last Modified: Wednesday December 06, 2006

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