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DragonStrike - Mission Descriptions

1. Snow Blind: Unbeknownst to the Dark Queen, Takhisis, the good dragons have returned to Krynn from the Isle of Dragons. Gathering the good forces of men and elves on Sancrist Isle, they now move southeast to eradicate the evil which plagues the continent. While the good army advances, you are among the scouts left behind to hunt for evil dragon scouts. Should the good alliance be discovered too early by Takhisis, the War would come to a quick end; surprise is crucial to the good army's early victories. You must eliminate the scouts before they report the alliance to the Dark Queen. The early success of the good forces depends upon you!

2. Occupational Hazard: Successfully dispatching the white dragon scouts, you leave Sancrist to rejoin your army. As you approach the Isle of Cristyne, your dragon spots some stragglers of the good army's fleet. Beyond them, on the cliffs of Cristyne, roosts a group of wyverns. Your mount cautions you, reminding you of the wyvern's deadly stinger. But filled with confidence from your previous victory, you urge the bronze to charge the cliffs.

3. Black Plague: Grief and anger overwhelm you as you approach the Knights' outpost on Southern Ergoth. Battered and broken, the small human settlement in which you sought to take refuge has been destroyed to the last man, woman, and child. Pools of acid and melted remains mark the carnage as the wrathful destruction of a black dragon. The good forces have pursued the beast to the swamp in the north, but it refuses to show its visage to a clearly overwhelming foe. You face a grim task of vengeance -- to find the beast and challenge it to a duel.

4. Sword Quest: Your deeds mark you among the Order of the Crown, and you are enjoined to undertake a perilous quest. The ancient writings of the first Knight, Vinas Solamnus, have been captured by the Evil Dragon Highlord that holds Icewall Castle. Prove yourself worthy by recovering the revered artifices and the Order of the Sword will be proud to count you among their ranks. Upon acceptance into the Order of the Sword you will be assigned to a new mount, a noble silver dragon. The way to the Sword will challenge a Knight with unforseen dangers, but a Knight will be honored with this chance only once in his lifetime. Choose wisely.

5. Sudden Death: Declining to enter the Order of the Sword was the most difficult decision you have ever faced. But Knights have little time for regret. Gunthar briefs the assembled Knights of the situation. The enemy holds the forest tot he south and has posted its red dragons on top of the mountains to the east. If the good forces attempt to move south to free the elven home of Qualinesti, the reds will dive from the mountains, gaining a crucial tactical advantage. A plan has been devised to send a small force to fly low through the mountains to the far side of Qualinesti, and attack the enemy outpost. The enemy will think the forces of good have circled the island and are attacking from the south.. The good dragon army will then attack from the north and gain the advantage. Confident of your skills, you proudly volunteer for the mission.

6. Red Sky at Morning: Red sky at morning, sailor take warning an old adage, one especially true this morning as the forms of the enemy fleet rise ominously from the horizon. Urging your mount into a dive, you close on the enemy ships, their sails boasting the black dragon crest. You notice small winged forms rising to meet your charge.

7. Rose Quest: Of those Knights skilled and valorous enough to qualify for the Order of the Sword, few may enter the Order of the Rose. The once proud coastal city of Tarsis, whose harbors were drained during the Cataclysm, now burns in the glow of dragonfire. Prove yourself worthy of entering the Order of the Rose by retrieving the Standard of Huma, an ancient relic, from the clutches of the Evil Dragon Highlord that occupies Tarsis. It is a long, hard journey, fraught with peril, but the reward of entering the Order of the Rose, along with the promise of a mighty gold dragon for a mount, is an honor difficult to refuse.

8. Pincushion: As the good dragon army travels north toward Caergoth, you are sent on patrol over the magical forest of Wayreth. The coastline below is dotted with enemy outpost, manned by archers. Take care not to fly too close. You must rely upon your breath weapons to destroy the outposts.

9. The Fray: The skies over Caergoth rage in fierce combat as you approach the besieged city. You charge into the fray, joining your comrades in their efforts to destroy the blue invaders. Use the breath weapons cautiously, young Knight, for friend and foe alike fill the skies.

10. Rout: Unprepared for the onslaught of the good dragons, the evil blues decide to cut their losses and run for the north. Seeing their hated foes retreat from the battle gives hope to the cheering residents of Caergoth. You bring you mount about and pursue the blues as they flee into the mountains.

11. Blood of the Mountain: The blue dragons from Caergoth continue their flight north to the city of Garnet. You close on your ancient foe. Victory is surely at hand.

12. Homecoming: Flying in the vanguard ahead of the good dragon army, you hope to be the first to see the Knighthood's ancient homeland, the Plains of Solamnia. Rising over the crest, you are overwhelmed by the beauty of the rolling plains and winding rivers, and the small shapes approaching from the easy scarcely catch your notice.

13. Cavalry: You have again joined the good dragon army in the field. With the element of surprise lost, the forces of good and evil meet in their first head-to-head conflict. If all has gone according to plan, the other wing of the good dragon army will arrive from Palanthas to aid in the battle of Solanthus. You check your saddle and prepare from a grueling battle.

14. Maelstrom: Success! The tide of battle has turned and the forces of good have routed the enemy dragons. You join in the celebration of victory, but the festivities are short-lived as a cry is raised by your lookout. On the horizon you see a massive chunk of rock with a fortress atop, floating through the air toward your position. The cheers of joy stick in your throat. Who can hope to
defeat evil magic strong enough to rip a fortress from the very earth!

15. Vingaard Run: The defeat of the flying citadel has given new hope to the forces of good. While the bulk of the army is to press on through Throtyl Gap, a smaller force, headed by you, is sent to the north along the Vingaard River to free Dargaard Keep and Kalaman from the clutches of the evil army. As your command separates from the army, you see a flight of blues racing to the north. You spur your mount on, hoping to prevent them from warning Dargaard Keep or
Kalaman of your approach.

16. Dargaard Deception: Grim news comes from the good army's intelligence: a collection of good dragon eggs has been kept by the evil forces at Dargaard Keep. You struggle to keep your mount from charging after the single small green dragon that seems to bait you north. Stressing caution to your mount, you follow the lure northward.

17. The Siege of Kalaman: With Dargaard free, and the stolen dragon eggs recovered, your heart is filled with conviction as you approach Kalaman. You must lead your troops to storm the city and free it from the clutches of the draconian forces.

18. Black Death: Upon the liberation of Kalaman, a Black Dragon Highlord, Krogarg, has retreated to the swamps and fens many miles northeast of Kalaman. There is a rumor that his mount, Hematite, has in its possession a suit of original Plate of Solamnus. The though that the suit may once have been worn by the great Huma, and now lies in the slimy clutches of a black dragon, drives you to action. Yet, you can't bring yourself to commit your forces to hunt down and destroy the evil Highlord. Sending your forces south to rejoin the rest of the good army, you decide to personally see to this defiler.

19. Sulfur Straights: It is a lonely accession into the rank of Lord of Roses. Alone and far from the Knightly Council, you have defeated the Black Highlord and his mount, only to discover that the Plate of Solamnus you covet is held by another. Hematite would not reveal the nature of the guardian, but seemed to derive pleasure from the thought of you pursuing this course. Undaunted, you head south to find the thing's lair and retrieve the Plate of Solamnus.

20. Wild Estwilde: Chaos returns! Having retrieved the legendary Plate of Solamnus you catch up to your forces as the rejoin the other good dragons in an assault against a second flying citadel. Preparing for the most difficult battle ever, you rush into the melee.

21. The Battle of Godshome: During the raging battle the citadel retreats south, to the Dark Queen's base in Neraka. A small detail of gold dragons with their expert riders is send to the holy valley of Godshome to rid it of evil red dragons. These monsters are the largest and oldest of their type, the most dangerous evil dragons that live.

22. Neraka Falls: Even as events within the Temple determine the outcome of the War of the Lance, a battle rages in the skies above. Two flying citadels, with scores of red dragons, combat a force of golds above the Temple. To survive this final battle will require all the skill the best of riders possess; to win, all the courage the braves of Knights aspire to. This victory signals the defeat of the evil armies. The only hero of this battle will be rewarded only with the highest honor the Knighthood can offer: the title of High Justice.

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