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The Glory of Istar - DLTCEP

Created by: Avenger
Latest Version: 7.0d
Support Forum: No longer working
DLTCEP Tutorial: Dragonflight Design DLTCEP Tutorial

DLTCEP (DragonLance Total Conversion Editor Pro) is an unofficial game file editor/checker/browser for IE (Infinity Engine) games and official editor for The Glory of Istar. (DLTCEP is formerly known as Item Checker).

- Can remove or extract files from .SAV (savegame) archives. Good if you changed an area you already visited and don't want to restart.
- Can import and export TBG and IAP files
- Item, spell, EFF, and creature editing, with up-to-date effect descriptions.
- Dialog editing, with an additional WeiDU interface (WeiDU must be downloaded separately). Contains syntax checker and scripting help.
- Script editing, using WeiDU as a compiler. Contains syntax checker and scripting help.
- Graphical area editing
- Table-style 2DA editor
- Allows BAM, MOS and TIS files to be displayed. It can create them from BMP files. For truecolor BMP's it uses a fast octree color reduction.
- VAR editing for Torment, and able to simulate this file's effects for other games
- A complete dialog.tlk editor
- Additional editing support for GAM, IDS, MUS, PRO, STO, VVC, WMP and CHU
- Searching of ARE, CRE, DLG, EFF, ITM, PRO, BCS, SPL, STO, VVC, and CHU by fields such as resource, race, class, and so on, as appropriate
- Advanced file checking of the following fileformats: ARE, BAM, CRE, DLG, EFF, GAM, ITM, PRO, BCS, SPL, STO, 2DA, VVC, WMP, CHU
- BIF extraction and searching capability, and support for decompressing BIFs, CBFs and SAVs
- Sound conversion: WAVC to WAV, WAV to WAVC, ACM to WAV, WAV to ACM
- Special CFB file format for adding casting effects to spells

Last Modified: Sunday May 31, 2020

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