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Gods of Krynn

Takhisis, Queen of Darkness (Greater Deity)

Gender: Female

Home Plane: 1st Plane of the Infernal Realms (Nine Hells)

Symbol: Black Crescent

Constellation: The Queen of Darkness

Colours: Black

Portfolio: Night, evil, evil dragons, hatred

Other Names: Dragon Queen (Ergoth, Silvanesti), Tii'Mhut (Istar), She of the Many Faces (Hylo), Mai-tat (Tarsis), Nilat the Corruptor (Icewall), Tamex the False Metal (Thorbardin), Lady Chaos (Mithas), Darklady (Ogre), Mwarg (Hobgoblin), the One God (Nereka), Lady of Dread, Mother of Dragons, Black Queen, Dragon of Many Colours and of None, Queen of Darkness
Spheres of Influence: All, Astral, Combat*, Creation*, Divination*, Guardian, Healing*, Necromantic*, Protection, Summoning

Takhisis is the leader of the gods of evil. In the Age of Dreams, Takhisis and Paladine were mates. The two gods were equal and were happy. But when they forged the first dragons, Takhisis grew jealous and wanted the beings for her own. She then corrupted them, and her first evil army was born. From that point on, the gods of evil and good have been at war. She then found another mate, Sargonnas, god of fury and vengeance. They then had two offspring, Nuitari, and Zeboim. Takhisis lives in the Abyss, always waiting for a chance to come back to Krynn and conquer.


*These are the minor spheres, and the priests of Takhisis cannot access to spells higher than the third level.

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