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Age of Darkness: 1 -???AC ( Age of Dragons)

1-300 AC Shadow Years. The world was reshaped.

New mountains arose; elder mountains fell; seas rushed in. Famine and plague spread across the world. Krynn became a place of distrust and hatred. Every fallen race blamed others for the world's pain. All Good priests, knights, and mages went into hiding.

3-140 AC The Dark Queen Finds Istar.

The Temple of Istar was not destroyed, but gated to the Infernal Realms where Takhisis found it. For years she pondered the possibilities, sending agents abroad through Krynn to gauge the opportunities in the world.

39 AC Dwarfgate Wars.

The men and hill dwarves of Xak Tsaroth fled southward, seeking refuge in Thorbardin. The mountain dwarves barred their gates and turned back the refugees with sword and spear. Then the evil mage Fistandantilus built the magical fortress of Zhaman in the shadow of the mountains. From there, he waged war on Thorbardin. When at last his defeat was certain, he obliterated his tower with spell power, forming Skullcap.

141 AC The Stone is Planted.

Using the Foundation Stone from the ruined Temple of Istar, Takhisis opened a gateway back to Krynn. She carried the Stone from the Blood Sea and planted it in the remote vale of Neraka. There, it grew into a dark version of the Temple of Istar.

142-152 AC Dragons Awakened.

For ten years, the Dark Queen wandered the lands in disguise. She delved into the remote netheriands and depths of Krynn to find and awaken the Evil dragons and prepare them for her dark work. Then she returned to Neraka and, from there, to her home in the Infernal Realms in the Abyss.

157 AC Berem Finds the Stone.

The young hunter Berem and his sister Jasla discovered the Foundation Stone. Berem coveted the gems in the stone and pried one lose. Jasla counselled him against it. They struggled and Jasla struck her head on the foundation stone. She died. Fearing discovery, Berem fled with the gem hidden in a pocket of his tunic. The gem bonded with the man's flesh, becoming imbedded in his chest. Jasla's spirit was drawn into the Foundation Stone, occupying the void left when Berem stole the stone.

210 AC Takhisis Finds the Gate Barred.

Because the Foundation Stone stood incomplete, Takhisis could no longer use it as a gate. Her sleepless senses searched through the land to discover the reason for the stone's disfunction. She soon tracked down Berem and learned of his capricious acts.

287 AC Dragon Eggs Stolen.

Evil dragons raided the homes of Good dragons and stole their eggs. They hid the eggs beneath the flaming mountains called the Lords of Doom.

296 AC The Oath.

Takhisis awakened the Good dragons and presented them with an ultimatum. They would remain out of the coming war that Takhisis had planned, or have their precious eggs crushed. Knowing they could not hatch such a store of eggs for another century, the Good dragons swore noninvolvement in the coming war. Takhisis promised the reurn of their eggs once the war had concluded.

300-320 AC Agents of Evil.

Takhisis sent secret minions and worshippers to search for the gemstone man. She needed him to complete the Foundation Stone so that she could reenter the world. Berem fled from Takhisis, entering Tarsis and Barter and Thorbardin. In the last of these, he was caught by Daergar and thrown in a dungeon to rot. But the gem sustained Berem for nearly fifty years in the dark. In those dungeons, not even the Dark Queen could find him.

332-340 AC Dragons Gather; Dragonlords Made.

At their queen's direction, the Evil dragons formed an unholy alliance with wicked men and ogres. These barbaric men and brutal ogres became the dragons' commanders and masters. The Highlords, as they were called, proved as willing and able to torture their own forces as well as those they conquered.

337 AC Sanction and Estwilde Corrupted.

The blight of darkness in Neraka verged into the neighboring nations. Takhisis established the lava-besieged town of Sanction as her major port city. The Evil humans and humanoids of Estwilde became reluctant reserves for the Dark Queen's armies.

341 AC Dragonarmies Offer Alliance.

The dragonarmies offered alliance to the lands of Kern, Khur, Blode, and the Pirate Isles, an offer they swiftly accepted, knowing refusal meant death.

342 AC Draconians Created.

Takhisis taught a dark mage and an Evil priest the ceremony for creating draconians. By corrupting the stolen eggs of Good dragons, the mage and priest raised an army of dragonmen from a single egg. The first to be created were the baaz and the kapak; the bozak, sivak, and aurak came later.

343-347 AC Evil Marshals its Forces.

Takhisis and her generals trained their army of human rogues and cutthroats, goblins, hobgoblins, and ogres. Violence occurred among the allies of Evil, fights that weeded out the weak. At last Takhisis judged her troops ready.

348 AC War of the Lance Begins.

In spring, the Dragonarmies poured eastward from the Khalkist mountains to overrun Nordmaar and Balifor and to threaten lands beyond. Silvanesti accepted emissaries of the Highlords, who swore that the elves need not worry for the safety of their lands.

349 AC Silvanesti Be-trayed.

Flushed with victories, the dragonarmies turned south on a "routine patrol" and attacked Silvanesti's northern border. Losses were heavy on both sides. Elves lured their foe into ambush. Takhisis committed the rest of her troops to the battle and the forest border was ravaged. Supplies low, the elves retreated to Silvanost, where they stood a good chance of outlasting the siege. However, King Lorac of the Silvanesti had become enchanted by the Dragon Orb of Istar, an artifact he had rescued from the lost city before the Cataclysm. Lorac ordered the evacuation of Silvanesti. The elves fled in ships, heading for Solamnia and Qualinesti. On the last day of the year, the dragonarmies reached the edge of Silvanost. Then, Lorac commanded the Orb to destroy the dragons. However, Viper, the Evil spirit residing in the Orb, seized control of Lorac. The elven king's mind went mad. The Dragon Orb projected Lorac's nightmares out into the land he loved. Silvanesti became a spiralling nightmare. The dragonarmy abandoned its conquest, which had grown worthless and corrupt.

350 AC Evil Rearms Itself.

Licking its wounds, the dragonarmies rebuilt their forces from the Evil folk they had conquered. Takhisis controlled all of eastern Ansalon, save Saifhum. The minotaurs of Mithas and Kothas harried the retreating Silvanesti refugees.

351 AC Evil Turns West.

With the coming of spring, the dragonarmies began skirmishes on Solamnia's eastern border. The Blue Army struck across the Dargaard Mountains, aided by goblins. The Knights of Solamnia, in recent disarray, could not repel the attack. The Blues occupied Kalaman, Hinterlund, and Nightfund. They pressed the borders of the Plains of Solamnia and Gaardlund. Lemish betrayed humankind, opening a door in the south for the dragonarmies to enter Solamnia. The dwarves of Kayolin, however, proved an insurmountable bulwark against the advancing dragonarmies. By autumn, the Knights responded and Solamnia became entrenched. The Red Army led an amphibious flanking assault along New Sea and across the Plains of Abanasinia. The barbarians fell to their advance and the war verged upon Qualinesti. The Qualinesti elves fled to join their cousins in Southern Ergoth, but not until first delaying the foe's advance. The dragonarmies marched against the dwarven kingdom of Thorbardin, laying siege to its northern gate. A wing of the Blue Army then struck south around New Sea to Tarsis and the Plains of Dust. They marched then toward Kharolis to cut off all retreat for the dwarves. By year's end, much of Ansalon had fallen beneath the dragons' shadow.

352 AC Whitestone Council.

Representatives of the surviving nations gathered on Sancrist at Whitestone Glade and forged an uneasy alliance. The secret of the dragonlances was rediscovered and these supreme weapons began to be forged anew. With the arrival of spring, the Blue Dragonarmy besieged the High Clerist's Tower in Palanthus. They were repelled by the Knights, using the new-forged dragonlances for the first time. A special force made a surprise stab at Sanction and discovered the blackmail that kept the Good dragons out of the war. With the aid of the silver dragon D'Argent and the copper dragon Cymbol, the special force rescued the Good dragon eggs. The Good dragons swiftly entered the war. In the summer, the armies of Whitestone began to strike back. They reclaimed much of fallen Solamnia. The dragonarmies responded by bringing five flying castles into the battle. But already the dragon alliances and conquests were slipping away. The siege of Kalaman by Whitestone forces marked the beginning of the end. Released from years of imprisonment in the dwarven kingdoms, Berem, the gemstone man, was sighted again. Takhisis moved agents to find and capture him. Thus, she might open the gates of the Infernal Realms and bring her armies of dread to reinforce the flagging dragonarmies. But Berem constantly evaded her best efforts. In a desperate ploy, Whitestone forces marched across the Estwilde and assaulted the vale of Neraka, stronghold of Takhisis's might. The Heroes of the Lance, by Fate's hand, found Berem and journeyed to Neraka. As Evil rallied its forces around the crippled form of the dark Temple, Berem reunited the gem with the Foundation Stone. Whole, at last, but now inextricably linked with Jasla, the Temple healed itself. Then, as Jasla's spirit fled the stone, the Temple crumbled. Takhisis's gateway was destroyed. Evil turned in on itself. The weak alliances of Evil fought over the dropped crown of rulership. The War of the Lance faltered to an end.

353 AC The War of the Lance Ends.

The former armies of the Dark Queen fragmented and fled to remote regions of Ansalon. The dragons, in their retreat, entered lands with climates harsh to them. They grew weakened.

353-357 AC Harrying the Foe.

The Whitestone forces continued to scour the land, driving out the last pockets of darkness. Even after the last pockets of resistance disappeared, the dragonarmies still occupied large regions of central, eastern, and southern Ansalon.

356 AC The Master of Past and Present.

Raistlin Majere and his brother Caramon used a time-travel device to journey into the past. They reached the corrupted Istar, intent on changing history and challenging the Dark Queen herself. Raistlin became one with Fistandantilus. He journeyed through the years and into the Abyss, hoping to defeat the Dragon Queen.

357 AC The Blue Lady's War.

The Blue Lady, one of the most powerful and ruthless Dragon Highlords, made an unholy pact with the death knight, Lord Soth. Together, they led a dragonarmy from Neraka and, with a flying citadel above, attacked northern Solamnia. They besieged even Palanthus, but the effort was doomed. The Blue Lady and Soth were defeated.

358 AC Sealing the Gates of Hell.

Raistlin Majere made the ultimate sacrifice to bar the return of Dark Queen Takhisis. In order to seal the gates of the Abyss, Raistlin surrendered his own life. His brother, Caramon, and all the Heroes of the Lance grieved the loss of the great mage.

358-369 AC Changing of the Guard.

A new generation of Knights worked to reclaim the peace and aid in rebuilding of the wounded nations.

378 Kitiara's Son

Heroes find out of Kitiara's son Steel Brightblade, son of Sturm Brightblade.

382 Palin Majere's Test

After his experience with the Greystone of Gargath, Palin Majere goes through toubles after his brothers Tanin Majere, and Sturm Majere die in a battle agaisnt Knights of Takhisis. Meanwhile Steel Brightblade finds his legacy.

382-383 Fifth Dragon War

Breaking of the Greygem: Seeing Knights of Takhisis upon their island, The Irda decide to open the Greygem. Chaos is released from the Greygem . Opening of the Abyss:

Palin Majere journeys to the Abyss to free Raistlin. In the Abyss Palin discovers about the Highgod 's release and his plan for the destruction of Krynn.Final battle of the gods. Dark Knights Attack: The Knights of Takhisis have begun their major assault starting with the High Clerist Tower.

The Gods Unite:

The gods gather in the Abyss to plan their defense against Chaos. Paladine withdraws his aid so Takhisis can unite the world with her forces. Both gods tell their followers of the up coming war with the Highgod. Good and Evil forces unite and prepare. Chaos' s forces wipe out the united forces except for one division that is led by Steel Brightblade.

The Dark Knights of Takhisis unite with the Knights of Solamnia to fight the highgod Chaos. Their victory cost them the gods of good, neutrality, and evil along with magic, as it was known.

Sixth Dragon War: Paladine Called all his children to unite with him in the great war against Father Chaos. For the first time in history The Dragons of Light and Darkness flew side by side as allies.

The Greatest battle:

Palin Majere and Steel' s division journey to the Abyss to fight the Highgod himself. All the evil gods have fled and Reorx is guiding the fighters against Chaos. By a distraction and a knife cut, a drop of blood from Chaos is entrapped in the Greygem and the war is brought to an end.

The Final Farewell:

The terms of Chaos' s surrender was that the gods must leave Krynn. Paladine returns one last time to give the message of the gods departure. With the absence of gods and subsequently magic, from the moons, Krynn enters a whole new Age.

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