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Races of Krynn

The Draconians are backbone of the Dragonarmies during the War of The Lance. Draconians are sent before main assaults to spy and subvert resistance. They are intelligent, cruel and powerful. The creation of Draconian race is the cause of the good dragon entering the War of The Lance. The Draconians are created by corrupting good Dragons' eggs. They gain their power from this magical origin.

There are five sub-species of Draconians. Although they are created from dragon eggs, and because of their feature are more like human than dragon, so they can be classified as a humanoid race.


Aurak Draconians - Those are the most powerful Draconians. Created from the eggs of Gold Dragons, they attack with energy bolts, poisonous gas or their claws and fangs. When an Aurak is slained it turns into a blazing ball of attacking energy for several rounds and then explodes.



Sivak Draconians - They are created from Silver Dragon eggs and are the only Draconians that can truly fly. Sivaks are shapeshifters. They are powerful fighters.




Bozak Draconians - Bozak are created from Bronze Dragon eggs and can cast spells in addition to attacking with either their claws and fangs or other weapons. Bozaks will explode when killed.




Kapak Draconians - Created from Copper Dragon eggs, Kapak can be distinguished from other Draconians by their poisonous venom. Frequently Kapaks will lick their weapons and coat them with venom. When a Kapak is killed, he will dissolve into a pool of dangerous acid.



Baaz Draconians - Baaz are made from Brass Dragon eggs, they are the most common of The Draconians. When killed, Baaz will turn to stone and then crumble into a pile of rubble. The weapon used to slay a Baaz will sometimes be trapped in its crumbling stone corpse and pulled from a attacker's hand.



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