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Races of Krynn

Elves - Slimmer and slightly shorter than humans, elves live to be up to 1200 years old. There are five subraces of elves, Silvanesti, Qualinesti, Kagonesti, Dargonesti and Dimernesti. The Silvanesti and Kagonesti are the oldest. The Elves were created by Paladine.

In the Age of Dreams, they defeated the evil Dragons, and took the forest Dragons left as their home. In this area they formed a new kingdom called Silvanesti, under the rule of the first Speaker of The Stars, Silvanos. But some Elves decided to remain "wild", and followed their leader, Kagonos. They are known as Kagonesti. After the Kinslayer war, Silvanesti split into 2 factions, the older Silvanesti remaining in the forest named after them and the newer elves led by Kith Kanan moving west to the forest of Qualinesti. The new kingdom of Qualinesti is rule by the Speaker of the Sun. Kith Kanan became the first speaker.

The Dimernesti and Dargonesti are Sea Elves, products of the Graygem. With the exception of the obvious, the Dargonesti resemble the Silvanesti in lifestyle and rule by Speaker of the Moon. The other Sea Elves, the Dimernesti are more like the Qualinesti and rule by Speaker of the Sea.

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