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The Night of the Eye

All three moons of magic come into conjunction thrice in 504 days, but not between equal periods of time. These conjunctions happens twice when they are crescents and once when they are full which is also know as the Great Eye. Since Solinariís orbit takes 36 days, Lunitariís orbit takes 28 days, and Nuitariís orbit takes 8 days, when all the moons are full, one can show that only 504 days later they will be all full again. When moons of magic are full, they always come into conjunction and thus form the Great Eye, a massive white eye with Nuitari as a black pupil and Lunitari as a red iris. The Night of the Eye marks the night when the magic on Krynn is at its peak.

When gods sent a fiery mountain to Istar on the thirteenth day of Yule, the third of the new year, it was the Night of the Eye. 

On the Night of the Eye, a Wizard of High Sorcery offers her services without charge. Before the Cataclysm, wizards used to go from door to door to perform minor magics. After the Cataclysm, children started to go from door to door dressing like wizards and performing tricks in order to take cookies. 

Ancient writings speak of three wizards of different alignments with great powers who gave their lives to their art hundreds of years ago. Like the gods of magic, these wizardsí primary ambition was to spread magic throughtout Krynn. But each of them wanted their particular alignment to gain control of the power when the time came. Thus they cast their final spell and sacrificed themselves and unleashed immense magical power. This energy releases when the Great Eye is formed. Even if these ancient writings are true, no one knows the ways of acquiring this power.

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