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Races of Krynn

Humans - They are the most adaptable race. They almost can be found anywhere in Krynn. The Humans vary more than any other race in skin color, hair color, and even size. Typically they live no more than 100 years.

Human societies are more diversified than any other races. Where the longer-lived races wait patiently and take a long range view of the worlds, The Humans tend to muster their efforts for immediate gain. The Humans were created during the Age of Starbirth by Gilean, the god of neutrality.

During the Age of Dreams, one human named Vinas Solamnus formed a knighhood, known as The Knight of Solamnia. The Knights later became the most powerful force in Ansalon. But Humans later in the end of Age of Might cause a huge disaster in Krynn. One human, The Kingpriest of Istar, demanded that he should become a god, after all the efforts he made. The gods became angry and they destroyed Istar by throwing a huge mountain. This event is known as Cataclysm. In the end of Age of Darkness, the gods of Krynn, including the three gods of magic, was forced to leave Krynn, thus the magic vanished. The following years, in the Age of Mortal, Humans became the inventor of new magic, called Mysticism.

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