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Magic - The New Magic of Krynn

As we all know, in the year 383AC, Chaos the Father of All and Nothing had been freed by the Irda. All the chronicle of the Chaos War has been penned in the Dragon of Summer Flame. In the end of the chronicle, Chaos was forced to surrender by a small band of Knights under the leadership of Steel Brightblade, and Palin Majere, Usha, Reorx (in the guise of Dougan Redhammer) and also Tasslehoff Burrfoot, the famous kender.

The term of Chaos's surrender that all the gods should withdraw with him, including here all the gods's magic. Thus, the clerics, who depend on the gods's power; and mages, who also get their power from the three gods of magic (Solinari, Lunitari and Nuitari), both have lost their magical power.

The Orders of High Sorcery, the order of the mages, has been disoriented, and almost all the mages there leave. The Conclave of Wizards has been disbanded. Also many of the clerics lose their belief, and some people has created another fellowships of false gods.

Later, in 28SC Palin Majere, The Master of the Tower, and the Shadow Sorcerer met to discuss finding new magic and helping the Elves. The Shadow Sorcerer described the new form of magic being Primordial powers of Krynn itself. A mage no longer memorizes spells, he just has to master the magic to shape it to his will. With the newly found knowledge of magic Palin, The Master of the Tower, and the Shadow Sorcerer prevent the Qualinesti from being wiped out. This new form of magic is named Sorcery.

Long before that time, in 7SC, Goldmoon, one of the last Heroes of the Lance, aided by a mysterious sage, found the knowledge of Mysticism, healing magic from the heart. In the next year, she and Jasper Fireforge found a School to teach this healing arts on the isle of Schallsea, at the site of the Silver Stairs. This Mysticism school is named the Citadel of Light.

Thus, the magic has back to Krynn. Below are the description of the schools of Sorcery and Mysticism.


There are 11 schools of sorcery taught at the Academy in Solace, A master mage such as Palin Majere can control 3 of these spheres, while a lesser Mage can only control 1:

Aeromancy - Aeromancers can shroud their enemies in choking vapors, call up cloaking patches of dense fog, fly above the trees, or encase themselves in a bubble of air to travel underwater.

Cryomancy - Cryomancers can create walls of ice, freeze rivers solid in the heart of summer and sear their enemies with a wicked frostbite that stops them dead in their tracks.

Divination - Divination is one of the most widely practiced forms of sorcery on Krynn. Diviners can cast spells that might allow him to see if an item has a magical aura, or to note the presence of a trap in a otherwise harmless looking hallway. A diviner may even be able to see into the past or future.

Electromancy - Electromancers can unleash streams of lightning from his fingers to burn or terrify enemies, or he can summon a faint blue aura to light his way in the darkness.

Enchantment - Enchanters can cast a variety of spells, from enchanting a sword to cause more damage to creating the crystal on the end of his staff to glow, eliminating the need for a torch or lantern.

Geomancy - Geomancers are known for their abilities to summon huge stone walls, or to turn the ground beneath their enemies to quicksand. A Geomancer's powers can affect stone, earth, metals and even gems and other crystals. No aspect of the geological world - even steel - can resist a Geomancer's will.

Hydromancy - Hydromancers can be valuable on ocean voyages, causing a swift current under the ship to appear, speeding it along. However, Hydromancers only have limited use of their powers on water not in it's liquid state.

Pyromancy - Pyromancers can summon a devistating fireball to plow thorugh his enemies, or create a simple cooking fire.

Spectramancy - Spectramancers can create light, alter the color of exsisting radiances and otherwise manipulate luminances. Also many spectramancers can create illusions and images. Some of the more common spells from this school are Illusions and Invisibility.

Summoning - Summoners can teleport themselves across vast distances and can combine their skills of summoning with skills from another school to summon Elementals.

Transmutation - Transmuters effect nonliving matter at its most basic level. They can change one metal into another or combine this school with another to create interesting possibilities.


Mysticism is the art studied by Clerics of all orders, they gain there powers from an inner strength. There are 9 school of Myticism:

Animism - Those with access to this sphere can commune with any living thing. By harnessing these forces, an Animist can communicate and control any beast or plant in the world.

Alteration - Mystics who have mastered this sphere can alter their bodies into the forms of other creatures. For example, and Alterer could assume the shape of another individual, an animal such as a horse, or a best such as a wyvern.

Channeling - Through sheer will a mystic who has mastered the art of channeling can use the magic energies within them to adjust their own or anothers Physical Ability. Thus a channeler could make himself as nimble as a cat, or tremdously strong.

Healing - Healers can use this sphere to heal wounds, cure disease, or other ills of the world. The healing art can save lives, but it does have it's downside. Any attempt to heal might bring about a mishap, which could exhaust or even injure the mystic.

Mediation - The Mystic with this ability has the power to alter his or another's Mental Abilitys.

Mentalism - Mentalists can project their thoughts into the minds of others. In addition they can read the thoughts of others, usefull for gaining valuable, unspoken information.

Necromancy - Necromancers practice the black art. These mystics deal with the very essence of life and death. They can wound their enemies, sap their vital energies, or cause them to simply drop dead. This sphere is forbidden by Goldmoon from the Citadel of Light.

Sensitivity - These mystics have powers similar to the Diviner (see below). They can read the auras that surround living creatures. Sensitivity can help a mystic gain information about an individuals nature and demeanor, determine wether someone is acting under the influence of a spell, and otherwise analyze the nature of a creature.

Spiritualism - The sphere of Spirtualism is somewhat less scorned than Necromancy, although the sphere of Spiritualism resembles it greatly. Whereas Necromancy deals with corporeal undead such as Ghouls and Zombies, Spiritualism deals with the uncorporeal undead such as Ghosts and Spectres.

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