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The Song of Elen Waiting

From Tales Volume 1
Novel by Various authors

From the short story Love & Ale by Nick O'Donohoe.

The tree by my door
I've watched turn before
and I've watched as it's branched out and grown;
When it turns next year,
Will I still be here,
and will I be here alone?

When my love was there,
Birds sang in the air,
And they soared like the dreams that we had;
Now he's off to war,
They sing like before,
But all of their songs are sad.

My good friends , I know,
Will marry and go,
And farewell with a kiss and a tear,
With lovers to tell,
And children as well,
While I wait another year.

Their futures are bright,
They sing day and night,
And I'm happy to think them so glad...
The birds that I see
Still sing back to me,
But all of their songs are sad.
Will someone who knows
Where all the time goes
Come and leave me away by the hand,
I know day by day
I'm fading away;
It's more than my heart can stand.

It's not that he knew
More than any men do,
But he knew all my heart ever had;
The birds watch and hear
And wait every year,
But all of their songs are sad.
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