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Staff of Mishakal

Useable by: Priests;
Used by: Riverwind*, Goldmoon

This holy artifact of Mishakal is also known as the Blue Crystal Staff. It is carved from a single piece of blue crystal. It is about five feet long with an ornamentally bladed head, bearing a flawless sapphire in its center, and 2" diameter shaft (Staff of Mishakal appears as an ordinary wooden staff and takes its true form when its powers are used). The Blue Crystal Staff was given to Riverwind the Plainsman by the goddess Mishakal in Xak Tsaroth and was then presented to the Chieftain's Daughter Goldmoon. The staff has the Intelligence 13 and is lawful good in alignment. If the combined Intelligence, Charisma, and and level of the user (-1 per 5 wounds) is less than 23 the staff of Mishakal can control the actions of her. Staff of Mishakal has an ego of 10, and does not allow non-good characters to touch it, nor will it allow itself to be seized by those who do not do Mishakal's will. The Blue Crystal Staff can cause 4d6 points of electrical damage to any evil creature and 2d6 points of electrical damage to any neutral creature who tries to wield it.

The staff strikes as a +3 weapon and adds +3 bonus to all attack rolls. When a successful attack is made, the user may choose to spend 1 charge to inflict 3, 2 charges to inflict 6, and 3 charges to inflict 9 more damages.

The Staff of Mishakal has following powers:

2 charges: Command, Cure Light Wounds, inflict light wounds, remove fear.
6 charges: Continual Flame, Cure Blindness, Cure Disease, Remove Curse.
10 charges: Cure Critical Wounds, Raise Dead.
14 charges: Greater Restoration, Resurrection.

Once per day, the staff can cast Teleport Without Error and choose the destination itself. In addition, Staff of Mishakal can protect all characters within 10 ft, from the breath weapon of any dragon, once per day.

The Staff of Mishakal holds up to 20 charges at once, and regains one charge each morning. The staff can be recharged immediately and completely by placing it before a sanctified statue of Mishakal.

*Riverwind is not a cleric.

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