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Astinus of Palanthus, the renowned historian, made great efforts to chronicle the history of Krynn in his scroll set, the Iconochronos. These scrolls now fill the shelves of the Library of the Ages and the Master Lorekeeper continually adds to their number. One long scroll depicts the history of Ansalon as an unraveling river of time in which famous events form clear currents. Much of this scroll is illustrated with pictures of these key events. The scroll was undoubtedly written by Astinus, but the origin of the art is a mystery.

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Last Modified: Thursday December 14, 2006

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Shadow of the Flame 06/2007
Dragons of the Highlord Skies 07/2007
Queen of the Sea 07/2007
The Rebellion 08/2007
The Stolen Sun 09/2007
Destiny 09/2007
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