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Heroes & Villains


Written by: Cihangir Tezcan

Completed on: 19.11.2001

Latest Version: 1.0 beta

Page Count: 28

Available Formats: DOC, PDF


Heroes & Villains Home Page







The Moons of Magic


Completed on: 09.04.2005

Lunitari:  22.01.2005

Solinari:  06.02.2005

Nuitari:   08.02.2005


The Moons of Magic Home Page





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The Kencyclopedia


Written by: Sean MacDonald

Completed on: 30.03.2004

Latest Version: 5.0

Page Count: 116

Available Formats: PDF


The Kencyclopedia Information Page





The Tobril Web-Magazine


Editor: Luis Fernando De Pippo

First Issue completed on: November 2002

Latest Issue: 8

Page Count: 20-22

Available Formats: PDF


The Tobril Web-Magazine Information Page





Last Modified: Friday September 14, 2007

Product Releases

Pillar of Flame 01/2007
The Measure and the Truth 01/2007
The Ebony Eye 03/2007
The Great White Wyrm 03/2007
Dragons of Time 04/2007
Dragons of the Dwarven Depths (paperback) 05/2007
Warrior's Blood 05/2007
Shadow of the Flame 06/2007
Dragons of the Highlord Skies 07/2007
Queen of the Sea 07/2007
The Rebellion 08/2007
The Stolen Sun 09/2007
Destiny 09/2007
Protecting Palanthas 10/2007
Warrior's Bones 11/2007
The Secret of Pax Tharkas 11/2007
The Black Talon 11/2007
Dragons of the Hourglass Mage 07/2008