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Gods of Krynn

Hiddukel, Prince of Lies
Spheres of Influence: All, Divination*, Guardian, Necromancy*, Protection*, Summoning

Hiddukel is the god of ill-gotten wealth and deals, and is the patron god of Evil businessman and dishonest merchants. Hiddukel also trades living souls. Some say Hiddukel can even barter with Takhisis and come out ahead. Hiddukel uses his ill-gotten wealth to control greedy men, and to corrupt honest ones. His most famous deal, was a deal in which led to the Greystone, an artifact that wreaked havoc on Krynn. Anyone tricked into bargaining with Hiddukel, almost always loses their life. Hiddukel directly opposes Shinare and to a less extent, Reorx. Because he is not much of a fighter he fears Reorx and chooses not to risk angering him. He also wants to disrupt international trade and gain a hold on the nations many riches.

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