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Gods of Krynn

High God, All-Father/Mother
Spheres of Influence: All creative and destructive energies, the powers of true names, and true forms, justice, and the vagaries of chance

The High God came when all of the world was void and full of chaos. Being all alone the High God wanted to make other, lesser gods. The High God was the one who envisioned Krynn and set the lesser gods to work on it. After the world was completed, the High God grew weary, and withdrew from Krynn, leaving it into the hands of three other gods: Paladine, Takhisis, and Gilean. The High God is not worshipped on Krynn, few people much less know of his/her existence. The High God will not directly intervene unless to prevent the final destruction of Krynn.

High god or father of the god's is called Chaos. Paladine, Gilean, and Takhisis along with the help of Reorx and his anvil created Krynn on their own. Later Reorx created the Graystone Gem and accidently imprisoned chaos inside. Chaos while imprisoned wrought havoc throughout the world and most notably split the dwarves into kender, gnomes and dwarves respectfully when dwarves sought control of the graystone.

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