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Gods of Krynn

Sargonnas, Dark Vengeance (Greater Deity)

Gender: Male

Home Plane: Gehenna

Symbol: A stylized red condor, a red fist (Thorbardin, Istar)

Constellation: Condor

Area of Control: Vengeance, destruction, intrigue, volcanoes, fire, desserts, conquest, strength, rage

Other Names: Argon (Istar, Ergoth), The Firebringer (Hylo), Misal-Lasim (Tarsis), Gonnas the Willful (Icewall), Sargonax the Bender (Thorbardin), Kinthalas (Silvanesti), Kinis (Qualinesti), Destroyer (Mithas), Sargas (Mithas), Lord of the Dark Vengeance

Spheres of Influence: All, Astral, Charm, Combat, Creation, Protection*, Summoning, Sun

Little is known of Takhisis's consort. He is the god of vengeance, rage, deserts, fires, and volcanoes. Takhisis, his greatest ally, is sometimes his greatest enemy. He always plotting for his own personal gain. In the end Sargonnas's only goal is to ascend the throne over Takhisis.


Sargonnas wreaked havoc on kyrie, a lost folk of Ansalon, generations ago. A weak-minded kyrie noble betrayed his nation and communed with Sargonnas and the giant red condor took possession of the Northstone, kyrie's most sacred artifact. Northstone had enabled the kyrie to navigate between all the islands and land masses of Krynn. By capturing the Northstone, Sargonnas confined most of the race of kyrie to Blood Sea Isles.


Sargonnas is immune to fire, normal or magical.


*These are the minor spheres, and the priests of Sargonnas cannot access to spells higher than the third level.


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