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Gods of Krynn

Zeboim, Darkling Sea
Spheres of Influence: All, Animal, Creation, Elemental, Protection*, Sun, Weather

Zeboim is the daughter of Sargonnas and Takhisis, from which she inherited her evil and corrupt nature. Zeboim is Queen of the Seas, being extremely volatile and impetuous. Her unpredictable tempers make her a dangerous foe and a lethal friend. Zeboim is also god of tempests and weather. Seaman make sacrifices to her to ensure a safe journey. Although some manage to avoid her rage, some never make it back to land. Zeboim refuses to cross the path of her mother, Takhisis, but she considers Sargonnas weak and unworthy of her mother's attention. She is also constantly at war with Habbakuk for control over the seas.

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