Unique Writings about Dragonlance    


Gods of Krynn


Gods of Good

Branchala        Song of Life

Habbakuk        Fisher King

Kirir-Jolith        Sword of Justice

Majere             Master of Mind

Mishakal          Healing Hand

Paladine          The Dragon's Lord

Solinari            Mighty Hand


Gods of Neutrality

Chislev             The Beast

Gilean              Void

Lunitari            Veiled Maiden

Shinare            Winged Victory

Sirrion              Flowing Flame

Reorx               Forge

Zivilyn              Tree of Life


Gods of Evil

Chemosh         Lord of Death

Hiddukel          Prince of Lies

Morgion           Black Wind

Nuitari             Devouring Dark

Sargonnas      Lord of Volcanos

Takhisis           Queen of Darkness

Zeboim            Darkling Sea


Over Powers

High God         All Father/Mother


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