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History of Krynn


History is like a great river. It begins with small, clear streams, single voices, rushing quickly past their banks until they join their waters with other streams, growing larger and larger as they mingle again and again, until the small voices of a thousand tiny streams have been collected into the roaring song of a great river. The great river in turn flows into the deep and endless sea. History is like that sea. And although it might be simplest to study the great oceans and rivers - the wars and mighty events of ages gone by - sometimes the past is best understood by listening to the music of a few of those tiny brooks instead, the stories of the single lives that, one by one and drop by drop, made the world what it was.           

-- Arelas Kanan


Gods in Creation

Knights of Solamnia

Knights of Takhisis

Legion of Steel

Magic - Mysticism: The Unfathomable Voyage

Magic - The New Magic of Krynn

Magic - The Night of the Eye


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