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Gods of Krynn

Lunitari, Veiled Maiden (Intermediate Deity)

Gender: Female

Home Plane: Limbo (originally), Border Ethereal (Currently)

Symbol: Red circle or sphere

Celestial Symbol: The red moon aka "witching light"

Colours: Red or magenta

Area of Control: Neutral Magic, Illusions

Other Names: Luin (Ergoth), Red-Eye (Goodlund), Night Candle (Thorbardin), Maid of Illusions (Mithas)

Allowable Schools of Magic*: Abjuration, Alteration, Conjuration/Summoning, Enchantment/Charm, Illusion/Phantasm, Invocation/Evocation
Spheres of Influence**: All, Astral, Charm***, Combat, Divination, Guardian, Healing, Summoning***

Lunitari is the goddess of Neutral magic and illusions. She was born from Gilean's thoughts. She founded the Red Robes to promote Neutral magic. She works strongly with Solinari to strength the presence of magic on Krynn. The followers of Lunitari, the Red Robes, are the largest Order. Most mages choose Neutral because it allows them to practice magic without moral shackles.


The moon Lunitari, which is also know as the “witching light”, is where the god of neutral magic resides. This second largest moon’s orbit takes 28 days with 7 days per quarter. Influence of magic waxes and wanes according to the phases and alignments of the moons of magic. Apprentice wizards and renegade wizards are unaffected by the lunar phases.


Current Status:

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Phases of Lunitari

- Waxing

- High Sanction

- Waning

- Low Sanction



Conjunctions of Lunitari

- Conjunctions with Nuitari

- Conjunctions with Solinari

- Conjunctions with Solinari & Nuitari

- False Conjunctions





*AD&D Rule: Other schools of magic are forbidden to Wizards of Red Robes except spells which are 1st, 2nd, or 3rd level. And a Wizard of High Sorcery can memorize spells from forbidden schools at most half of her allowed spells.

D&D 3rd Edition Rule: A Wizard of Red Robes is specialized in Illusion or Transmution.


**AD&D Rule: After 5th level a Wizard of the Red Robes may choose to become a priest of Lunitari without the ability of Turning Undead. (Further Read: Tales of the Lance). This rule was removed in D&D DragonLance Campaign Setting. Lunitari has no clerical order according to it.

***These are the minor spheres, and the priests of Lunitari cannot access to spells higher than the third level. (Note that Lunitari has no clerical order according to D&D DragonLance Campaign Setting).

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